Terms of use

Terms of use

Using the services and educational content provided through the E-Learning ALTERA VITA platform on the site  https://e-learning.hopeheatwaves.eu  you agree to be bound by the terms of use as set out below. If you do not agree with any of the following terms, please do not proceed with your registration on the E-Learning ALTERA VITA platform.

The E-Learning HOPE platform, the services provided through it and the educational content displayed through the https://e-learning.hopeheatwaves.eu operate under the responsibility of the Social Cooperative Enterprise of Cyclades  ALTERA VITA based in Syros.


Registration details and account security

In order to register on the platform,  to create a personal account and consequently to use the services provided through the E – Learning HOPE platform, the information you are required to provide us is accurate and complete and you commit to informing us , if necessary, the specific information in order to continue to be accurate and complete.

You agree to create, access and use ONLY a user account and that you will not allow third party access to your account and consequently the use of your personal account by third parties.

By using the services provided through the E – Learning HOPE platform , you are not in any way entitled to own any intellectual property rights in the services and educational content you access through the E – Learning ALTERA VITA platform .

The content of the courses hosted on the E-Learning HOPE platform is addressed to adults. Access to the E-Learning ALTERA VITA platform and the use of the services provided through it can be made by any person over the age of 16. Each lesson may pose additional requirements and limitations.

The lessons of  E-Learning HOPE

The educational material hosted and displayed on the E-Learning HOPE platform belongs exclusively to the HOPE project. The HOPE project partners  have the full intellectual property rights of the educational content offered through the E-Learning  ALTERA VITA.

You have the ability to download educational content through your E-Learning HOPE platform  but only for personal and non – commercial use unless you receive a written license from the Social Cooperative Enterprise of Cyclades  ALTERA VITA which will allow you to use its content in a different way.

The HOPE project partners  have the right to cancel or reschedule the courses hosted on the platform, as well as the right to modify the content of the courses as well as the rating of the mini-projects, quizzes and other tasks that are subject to in an evaluation.

The Social Cooperative Enterprise of Cyclades  ALTERA VITA has no responsibility for the content of the courses. Course instructors are responsible for the quality, validity and updating of the content hosted on the E-Learning HOPE platform.

After successful completion of a course (as defined by E-Learning HOPE platform and described on the home page of the course) and the trainee has the possibility to request the issue of a certificate of successful monitoring from E-Learning HOPE platform.

The educational content “uploaded” by users

Users have the ability to upload and share through their acount if the conditions set by E-Learning HOPE platform their own content, such as the mini-projects they submit to each lesson, and their publications through forums, both trainers and other users (learners).

The user is solely responsible for the conditions set by E-Learning HOPE platform for any action associated with his account, that is, for forum comments, messages, files uploaded to the platform, etc.

The E-Learning HOPE platform reserves the right to delete, with or without the consent of the same, if a user’s content considered offensive or socially unacceptable for any other reason.

You can not post, upload or share content (in any form) that was not created by your own personal effort and work or you are not licensed to publish it.

You can not post, upload or share material about your quiz and exercises in the lessons you attend (in any form) in the forums of the lessons before the deadline for submission.

This agreement, Terms of Use of theE-Learning HOPE platform, is accepted by you when registering on the E-Learning HOPE platform through the website  https://e-learning.hopeheatwaves.eu/  for the creation of your personal account at E-Learning HOPE platform, regarding both the content and the services offered by the Commonwealth of Independent States. Cyclades ALTERA VITA through the E-Learning HOPE platform.

TheE-Learning HOPE platform reserves the right to revise the Terms of Use at its sole discretion, at any time.

Privacy Policy

Information and personal data collected by E-Learning HOPE platform

The E-Learning HOPE platform collects and stores personal data when the user:

The E-Learning HOPE platform collects and stores the personal data of its users only under the proper operation and the fulfilment of its purposes.

Why E-Learning HOPE platform collects personal data

The E-Learning HOPE platform collects your personal information only in these cases and only for purposes that serve the proper functioning of the courses of E-Learning HOPE platform (communication and information platform users E-Learning HOPE platform. Specifically:


When you sign up for a new user account, the following data is collected:

Email address. The email is used to communicate with the users of the E-Learning HOPE platform platform. If a user does not wish to receive an e-mail from the E-Learning HOPE platform can not be registered in E-Learning HOPE platform

All E-Learning HOPE platform users are encouraged to send e-mails for the courses they have enrolled in for the new E-Learning courses ALTERA VITA and E-Learning HOPE platform communication with them on procedural issues. Users may at any time withdraw their consent.

Full name. The full user name used for the issuance of the Certificate of Education probably apply for one or more courses of E-Learning HOPE platform.

Public user name (username). Your username is visible in your conversation in the course forum and ensures your anonymous participation in the course. It is used by the teacher to evaluate your work, as there are open-ended exercises in the lesson for which there is no automated assessment.

Password. The password with which your account is protected. The E-Learning HOPE platform has no access to this information.

The user has the right to request the deletion of his / her account from E-Learning ALTERA VITA. This means that he/she will not be able to attend E-Learning HOPE platform courses nor receive email updates. The following section describes in detail how this can be done.

When registering for E-Learning HOPE platform, you can enter additional information about your profile (optional). This information is the level of education, gender, year of birth, postal address and the reasons that led you to your E-Learning ALTERA VITA registration. In your profile, you can choose whether you want to display limited or complete.


When completing a questionnaire sent by E-Learning HOPE platform by e-mail or embedded in a course, you may enter personal data. These data may be used by E-Learning HOPE platform for statistical purposes with the aim of improving courses and adapting them to trainees. In any case, the processing of the collected data becomes anonymous.

Collection of data by others

We may assign to natural or legal persons the performance of certain platform services and functions. Only those personal data that are necessary for the performance of the outsourced services are forwarded to these persons and are bound to E-Learning HOPE platform for E-Learning regarding the confidentiality and the safe processing of personal data.

For example, when you participate in the lesson, information such as your email and/or your username, we share with class teachers and teacher assistants. This is only done in order to achieve basic functions of a course eg. correcting exercises if they are not automated by the system. None of the above information is retained by the teachers and the assistants of the teachers after the completion of the course.

The E-Learning HOPE platform has a page on social networking platforms like Facebook and Linkedin. TheE-Learning HOPE platform does not collect the personal data of users who use these platforms to communicate with the E-Learning HOPE platform. In addition, E-Learning HOPE platform does not exercise and can not exercise control over the nature and extent of personal data collected and stored by social networking platforms, and has no responsibility for the collection and processing of personal data made by them. For more information on collecting and using personal data from Facebook and LinkedIn, you should visit the Privacy Policy page of the platform.

If we receive emails containing personal data that are strictly confidential and use serves exclusively the reason for the communication with the E-Learning HOPE platform.

After completing the purpose for which the data have been collected, these data are deleted. In addition, statistical data on the duration of the tracking and the number of repetitions of each video call may be collected. In any case, these data are collected anonymously.

With your visit to E-Learning ALTERA VITA browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. may gather user identification data using technologies such as cookies. You may want to delete all the cookies on your computer and set browsers on the cookie level.

You can modify the data you have entered in E-Learning HOPE platform or delete them

The information you provide when you sign in to E-Learning ALTERA VITA is your account E-Learning ALTERA VITA. You can whenever you want to modify the information you have entered or permanently delete it. To modify your account information, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to E-Learning HOPE platform
  2. Select the arrow next to the Public Username (top right of the screen)
  3. Select “Account” from the menu.
  4. You can modify all the information you provided when you sign in to E-Learning ALTERA VITA except public user name (username). If you wish to change your username, you can send us your request to alteraravitacyclades@gmail.com.

When will we delete the information you have entered?

When you ask for it.

If you ask us to delete your account from E-Learning HOPE platform, we will immediately take the necessary steps to delete all your personal data and any other information regarding your participation in E-Learning HOPE platform. Note that after deletion from E-Learning HOPE platform you will not be able to participate in the E-Learning HOPE platform unless you re-create a new account and accept the Terms of Use, the Price Code and the Privacy Policy of theE-Learning HOPE platform.

When the lesson is completed.

After completing each lesson, all information relating to user participation in the course is deleted within 1-2 months. To unsubscribe from the lesson, you can click the Recycle Bin button that appears in the “My Lessons” list next to the course name.

Send mass newsletter from the E-Learning HOPE platform

By signing up for E-Learning HOPE platform you accept mass email messages from E-Learning HOPE platform. We’re doing massive updates:

  • for the new courses of E-Learning HOPE platform
  • for issues related to the operation of E-Learning HOPE platform
  • for information about topics you have attended

You can unsubscribe from the list of newsletter recipients at any time you wish. Your data entered for this purpose is deleted.

All users to enrollment in a course in E-Learning HOPE platform accept sending email information for the purposes of the course and communicating the E-Learning HOPE platform them.

You have the right to undo your consent to bulk mailings at any time. Each email you send from E-Learning ALTERA VITA has a drop-down button at the bottom of it.

By clicking this button you can request that you do not receive emails from E-Learning HOPE platform. Please be advised that withdrawing your consent will not affect the legitimacy of consent-based processing before it is withdrawn.

Confidentiality and security

The personal data collected by E-Learning HOPE platform in the context of its operation is completely confidential and secure. These data are necessary for the purposes of our communication with you and the proper functioning of E-Learning HOPE platform. The E-Learning HOPE platform has all the technical specifications to avoid any  personal data breach.

This Privacy Policy may change whenever required and always comply with National and European law. By navigating and using the E-Learning HOPE platform you acknowledge that you have read, understood and unconditionally accept the Terms of Use, the Price Code and the Privacy Policy of the E-Learning HOPE platform.

Reimbursement policy (if the lesson is paid)

Can not refund.  If there are important reasons and you are unable to attend the course, you will be able to follow it again in the next course after relevant communication.

Code of Conduct for E-Learning HOPE platform Users

All platform users are committed to adhering to the following rules (code of conduct):

  • I will only register for an E-Learning HOPE platform account.
  • I will not allow anyone to access and use my E-Learning HOPE platform account.
  • I will not allow anyone to use my name and other personal information to create an E-Learning HOPE platform account.
  • My responses to mini-projects, quizzes, and any other kind of work that is subject to evaluation will come exclusively from my own personal effort and intellectual work (apart from the works that clearly allow for co-operation among the learners).
  • I will not publish to anyone, and in any way, the solutions to the work assigned to a course before the deadline for submission.
  • I will not attempt to improve my performance in a dishonest way or to damage the performance of others.
  • I will not post to forums content that will:
    • defames or offends the personality of others
    • violates the privacy or intellectual property rights of third parties
    • advertises commercial products
    • is unconsciously inaccurate to mislead others
    • contains viruses of all kinds, corrupted files, malicious software or anything else that could damage the computer or other files.

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